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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Things Babies Like

Oh, there is nothing babies like so much as sparkly lights. We had to re-do bedtime last night because I overstimulated the daughter with the Christmas tree. She went bonkers in her bed and said to me (I translate), it's your fault, I'm not going to sleep a mere 5 minutes after you've put a twinkling thing slap bang right on the route upstairs to bed. You had successfully completed the wind-down to bedtime with That's Not My Dinosaur and a nice warm drink of milk and then we walk past that amazing sparkly amazing twinkling lovely amazing thing and you expect me to yawn and fall asleep. Yeah, right. Like, I'm so not going to am I.

Fair do's I thought.

Actually there is something else babies like, but for different reasons, and that is crisp packets. These aren't so much sparkly as really flappy and noisy and you can cover them in saliva and then wipe them everywhere.

Remote controls are a big hit too. Isla appears to be reading Ceefax page 100.

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