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Top Tips on Shopping Eco

Want to shop eco but don't know where to start?  Ok, so it's not as easy as waltzing down your nearest high street and being able to find everything you need, but with a little change of hunter/gatherer tactics, you'll soon find there is an eco answer to every shopping need.

Top Tips on Shopping Eco 1: Green E-Zines

Following online greenzines is a great way to keep up to date.  And they often have great competitions, so follow them or sign up to their newsletters

Top Tips on Shopping Eco 2: Buy British Handmade

Think carbon footprint, human rights, and environmental legislation - buying British is a good way to be green...

Top Tip on Shopping Eco 3: Don't Lose Them, or You Might Lose Out

Eco companies work hard to make themselves 'findable' online, but it's not always easy to compete against global corporations; so here's some tips about following your favourite finds so you can find them when you need them!