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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Top Tips on Shopping Eco 1: Green E-Zines

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I think it's about time I shattered some illusions.  As you probably have gathered, I'm now a pretty hardcore eco lifer.  You might think this means I recycle all my old shampoo water and knit old noodles into new winter coats for my children, but nooooo.....

I like buying stuff.  I do. It's just that I only want to buy things which are from sources that tick the boxes on my ethical radar, but I got to tell yer - being eco does NOT mean not being a shopper.  No, no, noooo.....Heck, my business depends on it.  Please do come and spend money here at OriginalStitch! We like money! We send you gorgeous eco stuff in return!  Nice, no?
And although I don't like spending money on things that don't tick my eco boxes, so to speak, I do like spending money.
Yes I do.
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Care about the chain....I care about the chain that my money joins when it zips along the wires to a store front.  I'd like to know everyone is being paid a fair wage, that they give a monkeys about the environment, recycle in their offices, and worry about the workers in the faraway lands they source their stuff from....

And just to shatter illusions further, don't for one minute think anyone in the fashion business bent on eco will just be knitting crazy shaped hats from alpacas and tie-dyed parsnips; you'll be missing a trick - delve a little further and there are leading lights in the fashion industry setting the standard - and amazing young fashion designers hot on the trail of sustainability in the fashion industry.

But I agree with you on one thing....it's not as easy as walking down a high street.  You do have to look around a bit, and online is a searchable way to do it while we wait for all our Bricks & Mortar shops to stock eco options as standard.

So let me start this Top Tips on Shopping Eco by giving you a list of some fab e-zines which are dedicated to following fashion the eco way.  Sign up to their newsletters, and they'll bring you the latest eco-deals and launches from fabulous fashion, food, kids, gardening, home, jewellery, you-name-it websites bent on eco.  This is by no means an exhaustive list - and if I've missed any - please share in a comment - I'd love more greenzines in my bookmarks. 

These places are the first ones I go to if I have decided I want some new boots, a new top, a snood, stocking fillers, pepperpots, hampers, fabrics, paint, coats, cheeseboards, shoes, children's socks, coats, stationery, shoes, printer cartridges, boots, shoes, boots, shoes, coats, boots, shoes....or boots.  Oh, and shoes.

Daisy Green Magazine
Book of Green
The Green Parent

Giveaway: The Book of Rubbish Ideas giveaway - I'm happy to say the winner, drawn at random by a daughter out of a red and orange spotty hat, was Sarah!  Your book will be winging its way to you soon Sarah, and thank you x x x


Tracey Smith said...

Tremendous! Sarah, I hope you enjoy the read missus....xxx

Mairi said...

Great links. We all make the jokes about knitting yoghurt kaftans when we think of eco living, but I've seen some amazing clothes that are green. And even big name brands are jumping on the bandwagon. Gap has organic cotton clothing, which is still a bit shoddy from the 'oh god it takes how much water to process cotton?' front but at least that's less scary and wrong chemicals being used.

Love it!

Nicola Alexander said...

Hi, thanks so much for the mention. And we are in such great company on here.
There are so many ways to be green and stay up-to-date with the rest of the world, and every little change does count. Look forward to having more of your articles on Daisy. x