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About Me

Catherine Lloyd-Evans, Founder of OriginalStitch
That's me, the giggling one on the right. Amanda, or Dormouse Moneybags as she's known, is the other giggler.

Having seen one too many articles about the environmental destruction wrought by the cotton industry, I spent a year making all the gifts I gave.  Using only vintage, second-hand and recycled fabrics, and with my two little daughters causing havoc around me, everything was homemade with love, and loved by all.   Everyone urged me to go into business. However, I'm terrible at making the same thing twice, because I simply can't resist making something new...

So OriginalStitch was born - with its team of stitchers - to bring British homemade goodies to everyone.

Want to contact me directly?  Please do!

You can read all about this journey here, and why not come and meet the OriginalStitchers