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Upcycle and Reinvintage!

Unleash your creative side!  Here you'll find a few ideas for gifts, plus don't forget, we sell our Sewing Patterns for a matter of mere pennies so you can whip up something really swish.  There they are, at left!  The posts in this section might be sewing makes, or charity shop scavenge makes, or home decor ideas. G'wan, you know you want to...
Great for chemistry lessons, using ingredients you can buy easily.  Includes links for where to buy and some good book ideas to take you further

    If you have lots of kids' clothes you don't want to get rid of, or pretty cottons, use 'em up making scrappy bunting for the kids' beds

      My oh so favourite idea of nearly all time - a must-have for summer garden parties or to decorate just about anything!

        The brilliant, brilliant way of using up old crayons to make new, funky, and a million times more fun NEW crayons!

          A lovely way to use teapots with lost or broken lids, and the perfect place to house delicate window-ledge herbs

              If you are a serious sewist, and there is a lot of your homemade stuff all over the house, and scraps left from each project - these are a fantastic way of getting the kids to take notice - a treasure hunt!

                Make picture frames more interesting, and more of a feature with this tutorial
                  I'd been loving this idea for ages - gorgeous bathmat, including link to the tutorial and some other fun ideas for machine embroidered writing

                    We guested over at Mrs Thrifty's blog, and this product is a staple of our stuff - come and see one in the making, and then head over and make a simple one of your own

                      We are honoured to be guested at Livia Firth's Eco Age blog, edited by Miranda Porter, where we're happily using scarves for a bit of quirky, vintage upchic!

                      If you're looking for a different way to display your mood board stuff, then look no further - it's scarves again!

                       A review of the gorgeous book "A Second Skin" by India Flint

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                      Anoosh Iqbal said...

                      I like upcycling too! It gives a new life to old products. This post is really helpful for me. I'll enjoy making all of them like others. Have a look at this book too, it has related projects. I am sure, you'll love them too!