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Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Sewing Gone to Pot

Well. I have done very little sewing. My poor sewing machine is gathering dust. What with 10 days of viral tonsillitis and then nursemaiding a husband with the same vile bug (I have decided it is Piggy Fever, or whatever its name is. H1N1 Influenza A I think, in fact...) any spare time I have has gone to pot. Other priorities crowded in - most notably a shady border desperately in need of soil improvement, awaiting its occupants - naughty plants that climbed all by themselves into my trolley at the plant nursery, or be-stole themselves from my in-laws' garden, or threw themselves at me at a village fete stall. Those ones usurped the daughters and rode three squashed in together (a polygonum, a centranthus, and a delphinium, since you ask) in the pushchair, straps on and everything, much to the enormous disgruntlement of an ice-cream covered, fun-overdosed, octopus face-painted two and a half year old. These three and the other plants cannot sit in pots all summer, so I have been hacking away at my heavy clay soil like a coal miner. Some lumps of 'soil' (I use this term loosely) are so huge and hard and rock-like that I half expect some diamonds to come flying out. Not so - rather an old Action Man arm, a toy car wheel, sharp flints, old bent nails, and many bits of old pots. And not enough worms by a long way. Get in there, you worms, where are you?
A n y w a y....all of which very frenetic activity has kept me away from sewing completely. So no gifts of any sort to show off here. However, casting my eye desperately around for an idea to blog about, I landed upon my teapots o' salad.
Aren't these the nicest teapots? They are lamentably without lids, which do rather seem to come a-cropper in my house, much to my sorrow, and after failed attempts to mend them I realised there was nothing for it but a bit of re-use. So out I went into the garden and with the daughters' help, spooned in compost and sowed some salad seeds. And just this week they have really taken off, and grown like billy-o. Now, you could get yourself down a charity shop, and look out for beautiful old teapots, fill them with soil, put the seeds in and give them as a gift. Bonkers, but certainly unusual, and best of all, edible. You could either give them like this, all grown, if you planned a bit, or let the recipient watch them grow themselves, on their own window ledge. In this one is a mixed packet of salad leaves - I believe mizuna, mustard, and erm, I'm afraid I can't remember. But any garden centre will be able to sell you a nice packet of mixed salady seeds.
What I really like is watering them - and what do you think I do? That's right, I put the water down the spout so the roots can suck it up, and they seem to like that a lot. Now, how neat is that? It's a perfect plant pot, is a teapot.

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