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Friday, April 23, 2010

Petits Fives

When my girls, or gargoyles as we lovingly call them, started being at school and preschool more and more, and I thought, ooh, more time on my hands, brilliant, I shall start a business and have loads of time to do it in, I did of course forget about holidays.  School ones.  There's a few aren't there?  And as I teeth-grindingly point out to The Husb when he talks about me having more time on my hands, you will find that the hours of available porportedly 'full-time' time fit themselves only into 31 weeks a year.
How do they learn a thing at school, I wonder?!
31 weeks.  Of which 2 have just occurred.  And pop an Easter, a holiday abroad and a 5th birthday into that melting pot, and the convoluted point I'm getting to is that OriginalStitch has been cruelly abandoned for 3 weeks.  2 of which consisted of the ankle-biters being around, and 1 of which consisted of the carnage-clearing from those 2 weeks.

Don't get me wrong, we had a lovely, lovely 2 weeks off, even if I did mercilessly exploit the daughters by treating our entire holiday like a Mallorcan Photoshoot, and screaming inanely "Logo on the outside!  Turn it round!  The Backpack!  Logo on the outside!" as The Husb advanced across airport concourses to the toilet with a small Hetty in tow, but I was able to dedicate little time to the rigours of running my business.  So I sit here thinking, well, Blog, what shall we do?

Nothing for it but to digress and talk about party bags.

So, Isla was big fat 5, which I think we can all agree is a Very Big Deal in the Life of a Person of that Age.  And having just started school, she is getting to know her little pals, whom she will grow up with for the next um, however many it is years until secondary school.  So, I thought, it's our turn to go to the bar - we will do the whole class party thing, sans parents, but I am not, repeat, not being the party entertainer and putting on crafts and games and puzzles and so on.  Oh no.  So in came Dazzling Dave as The Husb refers to him, but whose name was actually Oscar, to entertain 28 nippers in a church hall.
And thank all that is good in the world for Oscars, for he performed miracles, and not a single child cried.  The Husb and I were fairly appalling waiters but the children got fed, several poured drinks down themselves, there were minimal toileting necessities and, thank heavens, none who needed assistance in the Number Twos department, and all in all a jolly good afternoon with plenty of hilarity, shrieking, letting off of steam and massive giggling was had.
But with investment into Oscar, I made a decision, which was that I was not going to then also spend a fortune on party bags, party bag innards, tablecloths, plates, cups, straws, party poppers, balloons and so on.  You know, the fun stuff.  No.
Nice aren't I?

But I couldn't stomach sending the children off with no party bag, because you have to be very, very strong to stand there while 25 children look up at you in turn, in a queue, and say "Where's my party bag?"
Don't tutt, you lot - you know perfectly well your child has said it themselves.  And if you're saying, no my little one would never say that, I'm telling you, bet they have.  You just didn't hear 'em.  Don't get me wrong, I'm not judging - it's just that Party Bags is what we do these days and so the expectation is there.  Hell, I expect a party bag.  I once said to Isla when she was nagging at the end of a party "Well, perhaps you'd better very politely ask H's mummy if there are any..." and she very politely tapped H's mummy on the leg and said "Where's my party bag please?  And Hetty's please?  Thank you?"

One little girl at Isla's got very confused when I said it was pudding time and said she wanted her cake to keep and put in her party bag.  "How do you know there are going to be party bags?" I said. "Because it's a party!" she grinned.  Impeccable logic, impossible to argue with.
And a bit mean on my part actually.  Thank heavens I didn't make her cry, wicked woman.

So.  We melted down crayons in a second-hand petits fours tray (ooh, fancy, no?) an idea taken from this lovely tutorial here.  An activity which, by the way, is masses of fun.  And check out how many we made!  There were 28 kids and they had 5 each.  You do the numbers, coz I can't, I had to get Isla to work it out.  We made colouring cards using some birthday images from this life-saving website here.  We shoved in a load of cheapie sweeties.  And used sandwich packaging from OriginalStitch products, and bob's your uncle.  Party Bags!  And you know what - they loved 'em.

What eco-friendly non-plastic party bag ideas have you used?  Come on, I need to start planning for the next daughter birthday!


Regan Rothery said...

Ha! I totally thought the crayons were the candy. It
s a serious problem of mine... every time I see something colorful or shiny I just want to eat it!

Welcome back to blogging girlfriend! I missed you!


Catherine said...

I was a bit worried the nippers would do the same - hence the little label! Still, they'd have soon found out...! x x x

antmee said...

I thought those crayons looked delicious too! lol. Great idea for party bags and a great idea for recycling old crayons which most people have heaps of. Well done.

Mairi said...

Hang on, you have a second hand petit four tin and you used it for WAX??? Can you hear me shrieking in baking rage??

Other than you're total desecration of baking equipment, I love them. I thought they were buttons, but that's mainly because if I see something blue and round the last thing I think is food. Can't do blue food, too weird.

Amanda Jane said...

We loved them, they do colour but are also great as pretend cakes, cooked in the princess kitchen, taken out of the oven with an Originalstitch oven mitt from the cafe set! See what I did there?

Catherine said...

Nice bit of shameless plugging Amanda, we like! Although those oven mitts are the cutest thing. I love the cafe set. I don't like selling them. They're too nice to part with!
Oh dear. Taxi for Catherine
x x x

LollyChops said...

Is Bob really my uncle or are you pulling my leg?

Where is my party bag????