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Friday, April 02, 2010

Sew Hip Stacking Pockets

Well, after a lot of frowning and tongue-outpoking (I believe this is the correct verb, no?), and laborious prototype making and checking and re-checking, I finally submitted my design to Sew Hip, for their May 2010 Issue, out now in the shops.

If you've never bought Sew Hip, and you're a sewster, then you'll love it.  Go on, nip out and get it now while it's not raining.  It soon will be raining and you know it, so there's nothing for it on Good Friday and Easter Weekend but to read a magazine, hm?  Or subscribe, if you're in the US.  Sit down, with a cup of tea and ideally a massive piece of chocolate cake and start reading.  Actually, no, don't have the cake because you'll soon want to jump up and start making something from one of the Sew Hip patterns, and then you'll get cake on it.  Actually, yes, do have the cake because to NOT have cake would just be ridiculous.  Have the cake and sit on your hands.  Eat the cake with your face.  Just chow down.  Put a straw in your tea.
I'm getting over-excited aren't I?

Anyway, so I jumped at the chance to work with Sew Hip because I think it has a fresh, upbeat take on what it is to sew today, and has captured the zeitgeist.  Alice has just taken over as Editor, and she's racking up the blog posts, which is always nice, and they're fun twitterators too, so go and check them out if you haven't already come across Sew Hip and its online presence.

Starting with my design this issue, and a feature on OriginalStitch next issue (for which I should actually be finishing sending Alice the Ed some stuff instead of sitting here blogging - this is like being caught behind the bike sheds smoking when you're meant to be in class.  Not that I ever did that because I would have been terrified to bunk off, and didn't even try smoking till I was 21.  Twenty-one?!  Twenty-one?  What sort of a ridiculous age is that to start smoking?  Seriously.  Ones younger self, what bonkers decisions they took.  Aaaaaand close parenthesis Catherine)

Umm...yes, so my Stacking Pockets design is in Sew Hip this issue, and they will be featuring us next issue too, for a more in-depth look at OriginalStitch HQ.  And I promise I tidied up the office and studio for the photoshoot. Ish.  If by tidying I mean shoving things in a cavernous drawer in another room to get them out the way, that is.
Allow it, right?!


Anonymous said...

I think this is my favorite project in issue 16 (although the blouse with the tie neck is lovely too)- well done. If I have a go I'll let you know.

Regan Rothery said...

OK, first and foremost, super congrats on such an awesome accomplishment!!!! That is so awesome that your pattern was featured & you'll be featured again next month!! I've heard nothing but awesome things about Sew Hip and am so sad to be stateside & not get them here. And I know I can subscribe, but you know how cheap I am.

P.S. My word verification to post this comment, you know, to make sure I'm not spam? It's schitake. I don't know why, but I laugh at that.

Amanda Jane said...

I know that the stacking pocket is a great recipe because I have tried it and now have a place for my keys and pens by my calendar! Well done Originalstitch for sharing a great idea, can't wait for next months Sew Hip to see what secrets have been shared!

antmee said...

I love Sew Hip magazines. We in Australia have to wait a bit to get them so am really looking forward to the issue with your project in!

UK lass in US said...

I saw that magazine a week or so back at the fabric store, but didn't pick it up as my kids were busy expressing their distaste for fabric shopping by the time we reached the check out line / magazine rack. Now I wish that I had bought some duct tape to use for a gag and had had a look through the copy...

white o'morn cottage said...

Hi, I just posted a blog piece featuring Sew Hip and a pattern I made..the little frilly shoes in the same edition. I just love this mag. It always has several patterns that I feel I can have a go at. I also want to make the recycled tshirt. the feedsack bag and the watering can cushion. All from one mag! I did send in my pic of the shoes to them. Best wishes Pam