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Monday, October 22, 2007


I often find tunes forming in my head, and since having children they have become, well, rather child-like. So much so that I appear to have composed one song per daughter. At the moment they are rather proud of them, but then, they also like songs about fat egg-men falling off walls, winding up bobbins, curds, and old-aged pensioners who inexplicably eat ever larger insects and farm animals till they pop their clogs, so let's be honest, children are really no judge.

The lyrics are as follows.

Isla's Song

V1: You've got funny feet like Mummy
Funny feet like Mummy
Feet like spatulas, feet like a duck
With feet like that you should waddle and quack
Funny feet, plates of meat,
What a sight to seeeee!
You've got funny feet like Mummy
Poor old Isla B.

V2: You've got nice big eyes like Daddy
Nice big eyes like Daddy
Eyes like saucers, eyes like pools
Eyes to make people simper like fools
Lovely eyes, nice mince pies,
What a sight to seeeee!
You've got nice big eyes like Daddy
Lucky old Isla B!

Hester isn't insulted quite so directly, but her, shall we say fondness of food, and great big fat bottom and tummy are dealt with in her song.

Hester's Song

Hetty Betty Bumpkin
Lived in a pie
Sausage and onion
Oh my, my
Liver and Bacon
What a treat
Chicken and Mushroom
Nice to eat

Blackberry and Apple
In my tum
Lemon Meringue
Oh yum yum yum
Bread and butter pudding
Once in a while
That's guaranteed to
make Hetty smile

My sister, who visits us often on her days off during the week, says that her Betrothed claims he can tell when she's been to see us because she is singing the food one, which permeates the house like the smell of cake. But then, despite not having a bottom and tummy nearly so large as Hetty's, she does nevertheless like a drop of pudding too.

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