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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Cosy up

In all the excitement of the febrile virus-ridden daughter and her visit to hospital, I entirely forgot to photograph my latest fabric incarnation - a tea-cosy, for my sister, whose birthday was on Thursday. Her birthday did not go quite according to plan, because over she came to spend the day with us, going to musical singing groups and swanning round the garden drinking copious amounts of tea, and instead found herself babysitting Niece no.1 whilst Niece/Goddaughter was chucking her guts up in her mother's loving arms in A&E. However, they had a lovely afternoon making muffins, which greeted me on my return, and were most welcome. At least we'd managed to give her the tea-cosy before the hospital dash, and once home she betook herself to her camera for an on-site shoot, where she rummaged in her cupboards and found, of all things, Foxes Party Rings, which match the tea-cosy beautifully. This is not good, because now she will have to eat them every time she uses the tea-cosy, because they match so well, and she will become as fat as a biscuit barrel.
This was a very nice thing to make - from Sewing In No Time by Emma Hardy. It was my first time sewing through wadding, the stuff they put in a quilt, and it was a nice mushy, fluffy, experience. A bit like eating mashed potato.
You may notice the purple fabric is distinctly bonkers. Very slightly, and a little alarmingly 80's ish. Isn't it? Not quite sure I like it, but it's a good piece of thrift and re-use because it came from a charity shop, a great swathe of the stuff, looking for a home for a whopping great £2.50. So now bits of it will crop up in all sorts of future projects, hidden at the sides, or on the inside, or lurking round the back, like a fugitive.
If you'd like some, please ask me - I'll happily cut out some fat quarters to send to people!

Anyway, enough of that - on to the Gift Horse Competition Winners!

After much consideration we have decided that my first attempt at a hobby horse made from a sock is to be called...(drum roll please)....Duffin the Mule! I think I actually snorted out loud when I read it. Very funny...this was suggested by Gareth and Petra, so congratulations - you have won him!

And out of the hat for the pretty fabric hearts was, well, first my Dad, who is disqualified for being rude, secondly my sister, who had already been given one for her birthday anyway, and thirdly Sam! Hoorah! May a few lonely doorknobs in your home be heartened by them.

So Sam and Petra/Gareth Combo, your prizes will be on their way to you in a post van soon. Enjoy!


Kate said...
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Kate said...

It's gorgeous! Nicely placed Penguin Chandler mug too! Mmmm, I need tea...xx

sarah wooldridge said...

am i too late to win a prize? where oh where is the competition?

Catherine said...

Poor Sarah. The competition was under Gift Horse Giveaway a few posts down, but now I feel bad! I'll do another one soon shall I?!
x x x

LollyChops said...

I love your charming little cosy! and I am sure sorry to hear that your daughter was so sick! Your sister sounds like a good sport!
HUGS to you all!