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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Gift Horse Giveaway

So, after reading the Gift Horse saga, who'd like to win Diastrous Dobbin then?! I shall tart him up nicely for you, fix his ribbon rein, hoover off the remaining fluff, put some perfume on, beautiful.

There are two chances to win here:

1: If you'd like to give the poor creature a name but you don't want to give him house-room, just suggest a name under Comments below this post. There will be a lovely fabric prize for the winner! Not sure what yet, but I'll make you something nice from my stash of fabrics.

2: If you'd like to give him a name AND win him for your little one, or a child you wish to humiliate in some way, then suggest a name under Comments below and also write GIDDY UP NEDDY to bring him on home.

3. Come to think of it, you might want him AND the lovely fabric prize, so in that case, write me a tutorial on how to write competitions, coz it's a minefield out there! If you want both, just write something really idiot proof so that amoebas understand which hat to put you into.

I and the daughters will be the judges for the names, and we'll pick a winner out of a hat for Neddy. I'll post anywhere if you're not nearby enough for me to drop off. Anywhere. Bahrain, New Zealand, America, Slovenia, anywhere. We welcome you all!

Announcing on Friday 13th, which is nice and witchy. Good Luck!


Dad said...

Difficult to believe that this equine horror is the creation of the daughter of an engineer and a skilled dressmaker / quiltmaker / knitter, isn't it? You may remember Champion The Wonder Horse. Well this should be called Chumpion. Please don't take this as a bid to win. DO NOT REPEAT DO NOT send that horse to me. Ever. Anywhere.

Mairi said...

I think to be honest you should call him Darwin. It all rounds out nicely along the story and he'll hopefully evolve next time round....

I'm not sure I want the horse tho. The nice fabric would be good tho....

Anonymous said...

Petra advised me to take a look at this but barred me from making tasteless suggestions

How about Duffin The Mule?

If not that then Dead Rum, Desert Awful and Kuato Scar all spring to mind!

Gareth (that's a signature, by the way, not an entry!)

Anonymous said...

Sorry for the late entry but I've been up in Yorkshire for the past five days... I think 'Black Ugly' kind of suits him!

Sam here by the way x

Kate said...

The temptation to make lewd suggestions is too strong, must sign off before suggesting summat filthy!!

Kate said...

Actually, I think I can manage to come up with a non-naughty suggestion. He looks like Cecil the 3rd, and is a very handsome chap (if a touch phallic!) Hope Hetty is feeling better x