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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Throws for a Rose

Well, not that I was two months late or anything, but I finally got round to making a little quilt, or throw, or blanket, or giant hanky, or whatever you'd like to call it, for my friend's brand new little person. What a poppet, look at how her outfit matches rather well with her new quilt. Isn't she clever?I had to come up with the goods on this one, because I had not, so far even sent a card. Disgraceful. Actually, worse than that; I had sat the daughters down to create beautiful glue and glitter covered spectacles to behold, which they had dutifully done, and then I had lost them. Isn't that even worse than forgetting? I am hoping that when CR gets big enough to lie on her tummy, she will be able to fiddle about with the little bows which join the layers together, and the fun of trying to eat them will help her forgive my rudeness. Her mother couldn't have given a monkey's of course, and indeed may well not have noticed at all, this being her third baby; she most likely rather has her hands full with multiple children, and so perhaps is not in a position to be ticking off who's-sent-what lists. Still. What a terrible friend I am.
Hopefully, there will still be lots of lovely sunny days left, and CR will perhaps lie on her quilt and kick her nice fat little legs about in the sunshine.
Welcome to the world little sister!

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Kate said...

Love the quilt! it's mighty purty lady. I just made a quilt for my friend who's baby is due any day now, and now I want to quiltify the WORLD! x