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Thursday, March 04, 2010

Cool Post

As I dash in from depositing various daughters at their distinguished institutes of learning, where they will merrily glue and paint and pour water into funnels and sing songs and compare lunches with their peers all day; I am busy concocting a huge To Do List in my head.  It is not a neat Work Only To Do List, oh no, it's an everything I need to do that day To Do List.
It went something like this:
  • Google more eco directories for in-bound links
  • Chase up that catering number for our birthday party
  • Upload new Twitter image that doesn't chop off half my logo
  • Defrost mince for spaghetti bolognese, oh have we got some, yes, I'm sure we have
  • Oh lord, bring those milk bottles in
  • Upload Zero Tolerance Fabric pic to the stitchers' network
  • Ooh has that parcel arrived - brilliant - let me just put it in the milk bottle crate, take it all in at once
  • No pants left; put wash load on.  Groan...boring...
  • Take photos for new blog post
  • Arrange to pick up freecycle stuff for new office move
  • Figure out chords for Bob The Builder for music session tomorrow
  • Optimise for search terms in metadata configurations
  • Gosh I'm hungry, did I eat breakfast?  Eat breakfast
  • Oh crikey - forgot to upload those Musical Mayhem logos via the FTP link 
  • Ask Mum whether I should hack back the buddleia now, and what about the Hibiscus I wonder
All this was buzzing around in my poor bonce at once, whilst my brain simultaneously attempted to complete its tasks of walking/carrying the milk crate/removing coat/trying to avoid overhanging coat excess in my hallway.

I managed to get a number of the things on the To Do List done, and then, sitting comfortably in my office with a cup of tea, decided to open the parcel.
Could I find the parcel?  No I could not.
It should have been on my desk, but was not.
Well, where was it then, I hear you ask.
Well, where do you think?  Hm?  Have a little look at that list up there, and ask yourself which kitchen appliance it is most likely to have ended up in.

Yes, people.  It was in my fridge.
And whilst I am feeling quite ridiculous about where it did end up, I am pretty pleased that it did not end up in place of the mince in the freezer, or with my pants in the washing machine.


Regan Rothery said...

Ahahahahahah!!!!!! Oh Catherine!!! See, that's where organization will get you.

Mairi said...

That's brilliant!! I didn't even notice it in the picture until you mentioned it. I once found the keys UNDER the ironing board cover. That was a really weird day I can tell you.

Beth said...

Ha, ha, that's so something I would do! Can you imagine if men were in charge of these things, well, my man anyhow, multi tasking is not his strong point at the best of times and making lists, even complicated ones in his head, I think not!

FeltLikeStitchin said...

Haha, we all have those sort of days! Thank goodness you didn't put it in the washing machine!

Liz of Wool Boutique said...

Ha! Nice.

By the way, where's all the alcohol? Surely a fridge is just a vessel for holidng wine and beer, no?


Lynsey said...

Hi Catherine, really enjoyed reading this most, it made me smile! Thanks for the post you sent me a couple of weeks ago about the sewing. Sorry I did not reply me and my family have all been ill but better now so trying to catch up with everything! If you could recommend any easy to understand books on sewing for beginners I would appreciate it.
Hugs Lynsey x

antmee said...

I have the unfortunate problem of a picture memory! Hows that a problem you ask? Well my absent minded husband loses things all the time and just asks me where something is and I always get a pic pop in my mind of where It is in the house. So he never bothers remembering where he leaves things!! lol

antmee said...

I am having trouble leaving comments so if I have one already disregard this comment!

good post. Thanks for sharing

Catherine said...

Disregard your comment? Noooo, I'll keep 'em all! Thanks Antmee x x x