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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Come on a Factory Tour!

Hooorah kazaaaaah!

We have at last re-housed our OriginalStitch manual to a new building.  This is the Overview Chapter. It's sitting very pretty in lovely YUDU-land, where the pages flippetty flap about (turn the sound up, it's just delicious - I really want a button on me that I can press to make that sound. No. People, whatever you're saying in your head about buttons and noises - stop it.  You're all just rude.) and you can zoom in and click on the links to the stuff and put post-it notes on and all sorts of stuff.  It's a great resource.

So have a little look!  I'd love to know your thoughts.

Basically, when you're an OriginalStitcher (and you can apply in loads of places - the website, or becoming a member of The OriginalStitch Cafe, and here too, once I've put the button on the sidebar, ahem) this is your manufacturing manual.  Everything you need to know to make our products is there, and actually there's quite a lot of handy things for anyone who makes stuff, from how to choose fabrics combinations, to the best places to get second-hand stuff.

And you know what else - it's like a factory tour for customers.  We're all about openness here at OriginalStitch - it was always very important to me that we be transparent and honest and accountable in all our actions, so I don't mind who reads it.  There's no secrets, no 'just glue the label on, never mind quality, they won't know...', we don't go in for money for old rope tactics.  I think customers who read it will like seeing the love, effort and care that goes into products when they're made by stitchers in their own homes, with care and creativity, and paid a fair wage; and as a company we can help to herald the swing towards valuing the artisanship of beautiful handmade and homemade stuff everywhere.

At the moment the manual is in 6 different 'chapters', with more on their way, but we will in the near future have it as one nice big magazine.  I've put the flipbook for one chapter for you here, but just come and search OriginalStitch any time at YUDU and you should find all our stuff.  And some other very interesting publications too, like, as my sister was quick to point out - Alpaca Magazine.  Marvellous.

Come see!


Knitwit said...

I like the noise the turning pages makes. Easy to read and quite like a magazine really.

Bev R said...

Looks really good - but I can only see 4 pages is that right?

Catherine said...

Yes Bev - only 4 in this chapter - but if you look at the other OriginalStitch magazines at YuDu you find the other chapters. Or in your case - find them in loads more detail at the Cafe!
x x x

LollyChops said...

Its lookin gud C!