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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

iPad Shows and Giveaways!

Well, that was a cruel marketing gimmick wasn't it?  Coz while we may be lovely people here at OriginalStitch, I'm not sure we're quite nice enough to give away an iPad. No matter HOW good the Labyrinth game is. Sorry. No. You're not having it.

BUT - we are doing a Giveaway! Onto that in a bit, once I've done a quick reminder on one of our fave OriginalStitch products - anyone get an iPad for Chrimbo?  If so, have you got it all wrapped up in a tea-towel with cotton wool stuffed inside? Want something more practical?!  Have a look at our fun iPad Slipcase show to a peek at our solution to the cotton-wool stuffed tea-towel. Just click on the images to move 'em around.  Fun!

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Britlove Giveaway!
In the last post, we stuck a big old Thumbs Up in the air for stuff made in Britain for our How to Shop Eco series.  We championed goods homemade, on these fair isles - good for the environment, good for our economy, and a great way to support your fellow humans, who are making beautiful things just for you, not far from you, in their own homes.

And I promised to pull one out of a hat, buy something from them to show you all how NICE it feels to buy from an artist/maker direct, and then, who'd a thunk it - give it to one of YOU!  And that's just what we've done!  But before I reveal the winner, here's a little hello to all the lovely folks who scribbled their names with their fair hands - fresh from lathe, kiln, sewing machine, crochet hooks or paintbrushes - and bunged them in our hat.

In absolutely no discernible order whatsoever, say hi to:

Angel Eden
Julie Kirk and The Carousel Zebra
Helen Hallows
The Linen Cat
Ditsy Bird Designs
TopCat's Corner
All Creatures Great and Sewn
Bits And Bobs Crafts

Some of these links will be folksy shops, some will be blogs, where people will always link to their shops, and some are their company websites. Go and explore, and see this very tiny taster of lovely things from our land.

And without further ado, the winner is.....

TopCat's Corner !

So off we trundled to her shop, and selected this lovely Kite Canvas, complete with tail - lovely for any kid's room, or to brighten up a winter kitchen.

All you have to do to be in with a chance of winning it is this:

Come and Like us at OriginalStitch on Facebook.
For another chance - come Follow OriginalStitch on Twitter

BUT most importantly - say hi in the comment box below and let us know you just did the above!  If you haven't entered a blog comp before or done much blog-reading, just select the Name/URL option and then you can just type your comment, leaving your name, but make sure you've liked us on Facebook so we can contact you!

Good luck Peeps
x x x


TopCat76 said...

ooh how exciting, I can't believe my name got picked! I'm glad you chose the kite, one of my favourites.
I'm off now to check out all the lovely links you left
Tracey xx

Anonymous said...

I already like Original Stitch on Facebook - Kirsty Fox
I am now following on Twitter - @bloomingfox

WandaFish said...

Hi, I've come across your site before and you have some great products. I'm now following your blog, like you on facebook and a twitter follower too - does this make me a stalker?!!

NataliaLovat said...

Lovely prize! I am now following you on Facebook & Twitter
Natalia x

Mairi said...

You know me, I like a freebie. I follow you everywhere my dear. Gimme gimme gimme