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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Face it, you Twits, you Follow?

This was the original Facebook logo - they nearly went for it, honest, but decided on a felt-tip pen one in the end.

Well now, me and Dormouse Moneybags, aka Amanda, only went and had an OriginalStitch Works Outing yesterday didn't we! Yes, we were on day release from OriginalStitch Towers, leaving The Husbs in charge of their respective progeny, and off we went t'Big London to the UKAware Show at Olympia.

It's full of like-minded ethical, eco-friendly, environmentally driven sort of types like us, so we came back bulging with business cards.  And we thought we'd do a little celebration of some of the stuff there.  Follow us, follow them, follow us all!  Hoooorah for following!

Gingham tweeting, it's all the rage
Now, we love this Blog, and it is where you'll find the chaotic undercurrent of OriginalStitch, (are you Following us in your Google reader thingy? Oh, do, my loves, why don't you, hm? Look, you can join all those lovely looking peeps to the left there - aren't they handsome and pretty?) but Facebook and Twitter is where we also daily update you on products, special offers, or just share nonsense from our day in headline style, plus links to the latest blog post too.
And look - I've even made you special linky badges from fabric to get you to them - just click and follow us!

But with no further ado, lookee here at these fab things:
www.reestore.com, home of Dragon's Den winner Max, who designed this smashing plastic bag bin - you just pop the bag handles over the tops and the bag pulls the plastic tight. Brilliant. Made from 100% recycled plastic. We went home with 4 between us. Saw us comin' eh? 

Next, we liked Fairtrade Innipooh, with these fab bicycle baskets made in India - go to her website and read the fab story of how Trudi, from Suffolk, came to find herself in business with Parvathi in India. We toddled off with 3 of these in bright jolly colours for some daughters. I repeat, saw us comin' eh?

And how about this for the latest in at-home parties - the Swap-a-Rama Clothes Swap parties? You take along 5 of items of clothing or accessories you no longer wear, but which are of course nice and clean and non-shoddy, swap them for vouchers, and spend those on something pre-loved your friends have brought along, for a small fee on the door!  Amanda, who is Class Rep on the PTA is all over this for the next Ladies Indulgence Event at our girls' school up the road, so I will be manhandling fivefoot women in the street to come along so there's stuff to fit me. Um, that's women who are 5ft, not women with five feet. You knew that, right?

Bung-It-In Bag, from soon to arrive Piece&Jam Collection
And last but not least, here is a lovely sneak preview of an up and coming product we found being showcased by two very attractive, glamorous and successful looking ladies wondering round the show, one of whom was five foot.
Ok, so you know that's us right?
I'm that transparent aren't I?
Well, anyhoo, what the heck - we'll be revealing the whole new collection soon so come and find us on Facebook and Twitter, and you'll be able to see all the next sneak previews, as we launch the whole Piece&Jam Collection.  It features applique and quirky embroidery of fab, daft or iconic images like bunting and radios and sewing machines, on stuff like aprons and laundry bags and tea cosies and Bung-It-In Bags.
Oh yum.

We look forward to meeting you, you handsome pretties, you.


Anonymous said...

Sooooo lovely to meet you girlies & really happy the daughters are happy with their Innipooh Bike Baskets!!!! It was a great show with lots of amazing forward thinking peeps, keep in touch now, Trudi 'Innipooh' Edmunds xx

Bev said...

Ooh...a whole day out girlie shopping without children in tow!! Jealous - who me??!!
Show me the new stuff.....

Mairi said...

Hmmm, intrigued by the clothes swap idea, a really good one. And I think a woman with five feet would be quintapedal.