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Monday, June 06, 2011

Grubby Buggy Revamp Sewing Pattern!

Hoorahhhh!  Well, that'll teach us to make silly bets with ourselves.  And publish them.  A couple of weeks ago I said this outlandish thing on the OriginalStitch Facebook page

Well. The web goblins' famous techno spider-bot crawled across it in their evil cyberspacian way and thought to teach me a lesson - unleashing some lovely webby glitches on my Powers of Uploading and Launching A Product.  So instead of taking my planned one and a half hours to achieve, it took more like one and a half weeks.  Ahem.

Two kids? Two buggy seats!

Anyhoo, you'll all be delighted to know it is now available!

There's a nice little history behind this being our next launch. We ran a lovely competition with the super duper (big cheer please) The Sewing Directory, to get the sewists and stitchers out there to help us decide which of our products we should launch the Sewing Pattern for next.  The winning product was the Buggy Seat, and the winner picked out of a hat was Anna West, who received a ready-made version made by none other than me me me lil' ole me, and the sewing pattern itself, which will shortly be winging its way to her.
She sent us a lovely Tweet to say...

"The buggy seat arrived safely yesterday; my daughter loves it! She can't believe it's reversible, all her dollies are taking turns in it!"

Lovely full-colour sketches
Aww, we like it when you feel the OriginalStitch luuuuurve.  And, just to help everyone feeled all loved and special, we also included a 25% discount for Sewing Directory users so they could buy this and any other patterns they like from our selection.

No wordy cutting lists here!
For your discount, just head on over to The Sewing Directory's Facebook page where you should find a status update, or have a read of the lovely interview they did with us.  You'll find details of the discount there.  If you do use the discount, don't forget to make sure you've Liked their page on Facebook, or that you follow on Twitter!  Go and say hi, and make sure you bookmark the website.  It's a wealth of information on sewing courses, supplies, and articles.  Plus it has fantastic competitions like the one we did with them, every week (I've been a loyal follower for yonks, and I have to tell you, I've won quite a few prizes!)

Anyway, we hope you enjoy the Buggy Seat Sewing Pattern - like all our Sewing Patterns, it's packed full of easy-to-follow instructions, with a pictorial list of the pieces you'll need (we like to steer clear of wordy cutting lists), and lots of lovely little sketches to help you make the Buggy Seat without confusion.  This is a super pattern; to quote our stitcher Jennie - this is great for 'pimping up your kid's ride'!  Plus, what a fab idea for a gift, eh?!  If We Do Say So Ourselves.  Seriously, I mean, EVERYONE's got one of those grubby old buggies lying about!

Ooh, and why not come and join the OriginalStitch Cafe? That way if you do get stuck, you can just shout, and someone will be right along to help you get your wrong sides on the right side.

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