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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Christen-Me Fabric Competition

We come across some amazing fabrics in our work here; not just because we rummage and scavenge and hunt and scour, but because of course now friends and relatives belch up their attics and cupboards into our laps.

This is a bright, full, tangerine - with a gentle patterned weave in it
We'll soon be launching Material World - a new section on the website with this month's selection of 3 gorgeous fabrics - order any of our products to be made in those fabrics and you're entitled to get a big fat discount of 30% off usual prices, while stocks last of course. But first, we want a name for the collection!

What's the prize?

Enter our competition and you could win either

a) 3 fat quarters, one in each of these fabrics (a fat quarter is 18" x 22", or approx 46cm x 56cm) so you can run up summink fancy all by yourself
b) A wha-hopping 50% discount off any product from the website you like, which we'll make ourselves, personally using those fabrics.  *A-curtsey-to-you*

So, if you fancy yourself in an Apron of those colours, or you'd like a Laundry Bag to brighten up washday, here's your chance.

Capturing an era - this fantastic floral is gentle yellows and dusky oranges
Christen Me!

First up for August Material World are these 3 brights - we think they're just perfect for jellybean interiors and picnic colours!  They would certainly brighten up any room you put them in.

But what's their story?  My sister often turns up, says "All right Sis?" and heads straight for the workroom with old shirts, remnants and scraps of fabric.  There's many a Mairi blouse in our makes!  But this time she and husband turned up with mighty great bags of the stuff.

Mairi's husb is helping gradually de-fabrickise (yes, that is a word, I think you'll find. In my land.) his lovely old grandma's house; she used to do a lot of dressmaking.  Some of the fabric, like many of our groaning cupboards of stash, never got round to being made into anything, however, and so we have virgin vintage - and even the receipt!

Look closely - yes, you're right, that says 7/6! I literally don't even know what that means, coz it's old money, folks!  It was bought in Albert Street in Birmingham, in a store called the Beehive Warehouse.  The date there, is the 11th July 1963.  So, how fitting that this lovely bunch of beautiful, zany, vintage fabrics kicks of our Christen Me Competition.

Christen-Me Competition for August 2011 Material World

So, what do you think this collection should be called?  What springs to mind when you drink in the colours and patterns?  
Answers below in the comments, or over at the OriginalStitch Facebook page - scroll till you see the related post on this topic.  Or at Twitter, using hashtag #mwaugust - we don't mind where you find us!  But please add something in your entry that relates in some way to this competition, or we'll be all, eh? Do what? Hm? Pardon?
How about "I think you should call the Material World August fabrics Zippity Dippity Doo Dah"
Oh, darn it. Sorry, have I stolen your idea?! Do make sure also we can trace you, wherever you leave your comment.
And how about this for a crazy, zany, fabulously contrasting checked greens?!
 We'll choose a winner on Monday 25th July, so stay tuned!  The fabrics will then be featured in Material World during the whole of August, where you can order any product to be made in them, and get a 30% discount.

We can't wait to hear your ideas!

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