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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Personalised Stockings Special - 12 Months of Christmas Deals!

Customer pic of little Tomaso getting ready for Father Christmas!

We are launching our ridiculous but like-honest-guv'nor-for-reals
12 Months of Christmas Promotion!  To help us plan the Stockings better, and give you all a stonking good deal, we are offering silly prices on Stockings made throughout the year.

A personalised patchwork stocking is normally £36.50, but we are offering them starting at £25 in January!
Every month, the price will go up by £1 until normal pricing resumes in December.  This is a great way to get one for all the family - as one of our customers, Claire said "They are so beautiful, and I love that we will be getting them out year after year after year; they are a real investment."

We were hyper-super-majormongously busy with our lovely Christmas stocking orders in the weeks before Christmas - but we still had time for one of our favourite games - texting photo updates to the customers awaiting them.  Time to share - here's a montage of those pics, and the happy responses.  To order your stockings for £25, simply head over to the website now - but hurry - this is the all-time lowest price!

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