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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The ABC of Product Invention

We had a very silly Facebook thread going on the other day, after an equally silly conversation between Amanda and I, which went something like this.

"I find it so hard to know what the best products would be for us to make, sometimes..."
"I know, I mean - some are obvious, like the Great British Tea Cosy, but some are less so - I mean, with the demise of plastic bags, would we ever consider making plastic bag holders?"
"Exactly. And also, frankly, I just want to make EVERYTHING out of fabric. Everything in the world."
"Like what?"
"Cake tins, glasses case, cars, walls...."
"I think maybe that's going a bit far. The cakes wouldn't stay moist, silly."
"So let's just get the alphabet to decide what we make."
"Oooh! Yes! And our customers. And Facebook. They will have The Answers We Seek"

And we are delighted to announce the results of our highly professional market research on what products we could viably add to our portfolio, yes, yes....

A: Apron
B: Bag
C: Catamaran. No, cushion cover.
D: Door-Stop, Dotty Something, Door-Pockets
E: Egg-cosy
F: Finger Cloth, Floor Cloth, Fabric Fridge Magnets
G: Grain Storage Bag, Gardening Apron, Garden Kneeler
H: Haberdashery Pockets
I: Ironing Board Cover
J: Jam Jar Covers, Jewellery Roll
K: Kitchen Towel, Key Fob, Kettle Cosy (ok, we just liked the word kettle, ok?) Knitting Needle Case
L: Lampshade Covers
M: Mug-Cosy
N: Needlecase
O: Oven-Gloves, and our Over-Door Storage Pockets
P: Placemats, Patchwork anything! Pillows
Q: Quilts
R: Rag Rugs
S: Shopper, Spectacle Case,
T: Travel Laundry Bag, Tea Cosy of course,
U: Umbrella Holder
V: Vacuum Bag Holder, Violin Case Cover, Votive Candle Holder Mat!
W: Welly Cuffs
X: Hm. Xylophone Case
Y: Yarn, for tassles
Z: Zen Yoga Mat Bag, Zebra Bag (no, you're right, there is no such thing.)

Click here for the whole silly conversation if you like, and rest assured we shall of course launch every single one of these in due course.  Ahem.  Or maybe some of them.

What? What's that you say?  We forgot some?!  Tell us!
Well. It's a given, right?


Catherine Lloyd-Evans said...

Ooh ooh curtain tie-backs!

Mairi said...

Hot Water Bottle Cover!!!

Catherine Lloyd-Evans said...

Oh marvellous! Well done....

**Anne** said...

He he, I had a good chuckle reading this post this morning. Thanks for sharing the sillyness.
Anne xx

Catherine Lloyd-Evans said...

Thanks Anne. Yes, sometimes there's a little bit too much chuckling, and not enough work gets done round here. *Arms crossed, nods sagely*
(But we loves it...and we ARE the boss, so WHATEVER!!)

Bossymamma said...

Of course you can have a zebra bag - it's made out of animal print! And anyway, children have toy zebras and we know how they're always yelling that they need a special bag to keep them in! But, ummmmmm, isn't umbrella holder just a tiny bit desperate? How about Under-bed stash container?

Catherine Lloyd-Evans said...

He he! That is true, children are well-known for their yelling demands for zebra bag. Fact.

cheekyhandmades said...

Dear Amanda and Catherine, I am sending some blog lovin your way and have awarded you something on my blog... (don't worry it's not dodgy, no viagra or nuffink!) http://cheekyhandmades.blogspot.com

Jennie x