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Thursday, March 01, 2012

'Patchwork Colourway' Competition Winners!

Sneak peek: Tea Cosy loop in Mermaid
As you probably know, we make all sorts of lovely kitchen, laundry and kids' gifts, but we only use recycled and vintage fabrics, so it can be quite tricky telling you what colour your products are going to be...

The perfect answer to this, and frankly to any question you might ask, ever, including:
  • What's the best way to use up old fabrics?
  • What's the nicest and most attractive way to turn scraps into something gorgeous?
  • What's a nice quirky British look for a big year in Britain's sporting calendar?
  • What's the capital of Peru?
....is, Patchwork Fabric Colourways!  Ok, so maybe not the Peru one, but I'm not kidding when I say we feel patchwork is the answer to all the Puzzlements in the Known Universe. 

Brand New Colourways for 2012!

We've come up with 4 lovely Colourways, which will feature in ALL our products (except the Kids' Collection which has its own simpler Colourways) and although we just about managed to name the first one we put together - 'Jellybean' - we could not narrow down the others, despite innumerable cups of tea and some expert head-scratching.  So we came to you, and you helped by voting for, or suggesting a load of fabulous names.

So without further ado, and accompanied by a small drum roll, we give you..... 



Dolly Mixture

Thanks so much to Eve Miller, whose suggestion 'Mermaid' we chose instead of our offerings!  Eve will get a little surprise pressie from us in the post soon.  Thanks Eve!

When it came to drawing a prizewinner, we were a bit bored of putting names in a hat; so we decided to find a new way of getting the winner's name, via Elefun.  Yes, that's right. When in doubt, raid your children's games cupboard, take a shockingly poor quality video, and job done.  I can confirm it WAS more fun.  As soon as the video is edited, we'll shove it up here so you can see how extremely professional we are.

And the winner was.........Sharon Wells!

Sharon will be able to choose an OriginalStitch product from the website as soon as we launch them in about a month, in one of our new Colourways.  Lucky lady.  She'll be practically the very first customer!

Thanks for your support...

We'd like to thank you all very much for your inspiration, your time in voting or suggesting, and your interest in our happy little company, where we strive to be ethical and eco-friendly in all we do.  If we could kiss you we would, mwah, mwahhhhh.

Right now we're busy making and photographing the products, ready for launch soon.  We'll keep you all posted about the launch of these colourways here on the blog, on Facebook, Twitter and by newsletter (pop yer email in at box up at left, see it?) 


Sneak Peek: New apron design in Mermaid

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