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Thursday, January 22, 2009


Not that I really believe in New Year's Resolutions, depsite my having used capital letters, but this year, I have decided to make all gifts. Start now, said my sister, grimly, right now. Of course, this is all in an effort to save money and avoid funding dodgy places with poor environmental and ethical records with my (husband's) well-earned wonga, but I have defaulted already in purchasing two lovely makey books - Amy Butler's 'In Stitches' and 'Last-minute Fabric Gifts' by Cynthia Treen and Karen Phillipi, from that place which sacks its workers if they have more than 6 days off and whose CEO made them all show their bottoms in a giant moonie, calculated to offset any criticism said company received.
I seem to have digressed -
A n y w a y...so I have already started making things, and will keep a record of them here. I have already sewn a couple of things to my trousers, and spent a not inconsiderable amount of time with the husband trying to work out how to make my quilt a golden rectangle. 1:168, should you be wondering, but try to do your maths first, rather than starting out with 985" of pieced together strips and then figuring out how many lengths to cut them into. You know, just in case you ever do that. Don't, is my advice. If you're wondering why the devil on seven horses a person could possibly want to end up with something that could go twice round your house and once round the gasworks, then you'll find the recipe in Rosemary Wilkinson's Quick Quilts in a Weekend. Go, go! Get stripping.

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