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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Little Biro Peep

Where do they go? I mean, really, this is the kind of stuff we really need studies on - pens - where? Where? It's not like the husband takes them, because he has an almost pathological allergy to writing. I am a List-Maker; he says Just Tell Me. And unless the girls have developed stilt-like capacities, it is usually not them either, although they do love a biro of course, being two and a half and three and two thirds. Ooh Mummy's pen, ooh a blank wall.....
Anyway, so my point is, pens do disappear and they do need herding, or they will go a-wandering and get themselves all lost and then need shepherding back to the flock, to somewhat overdo the collective nouns.
So off I went to my box of scraps, and dug out some old bit of jean, and some lovely red scraps; cut them into pointy shapes, and sewed them very roughly together to make a rectangle. Then tidied it a bit with some seams, put a back on it, and sewed running stitch at inch-long intervals to make pen pockets. This has been hammered onto my newly created corkboard and although a good shepherdess would have counted them in and out of their pen, ahem, pens - I do believe at a glance that they are more or less staying put.

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