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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Bean sewing

Well. My first child's present is finished - my friend's daughter 1 year old Evie is to be the proud recipient of a bag o' beanbags, so she can learn how to walk about with them on her head, and lob them across the room and fight over them with her sister; all very important things a 1-year old must master. I am rather pleased with the bag. Not so much with the beanbags. Answers on a postcard please to win an old cotton reel, those who can spot the oops-right-sides-facing gaffe, my valiant attempts to zig-zaggedly conceal and transform not quite having worked...
Now then. I don't know how I made the bag. I started off with 4 squares of fabric - 2 red and 2 stripey, and had in mind some vague idea of the bag being all neat and lined with the stripey; so I layered them all up and sewed and then turned it inside out and then did something else and turned it back again and before I knew it I somehow had a very neat bag with the seams all completely hidden away, somehow, I don't quite, how did I, what? I shall have to ask The Oracle, my mother Shelagh, who is the Knower of All Things Craft. She'll say - oh for goodness sake, it's a Hidden Double-Sided Uppercut Gahooty Lining, that's all, and I'll be like - eh? And she'll say, right, if you want your lining and you want your seams hidden you line up your pieces so...and then when they're sewn they'll be like this....see? And I'll say, no, I don't see and she'll say oh for goodness sake. And we'll be wrestling with bits of fabric and I'll be going, no, still don't see. You're going to have to show me with stitches in and everything coz I cannot for the life of me see how that flat things turns itself into a bag. No spatial awareness see, Mum.
What is becoming clear with my crafting is that I bumble through each project with my tongue sticking out earnestly and somehow end up somewhere - the results are often quite good, but if I want to perfect them I should be improving through practice. So I shall jolly well have to work out how that bag did that to itself, and then at what point I should (have) done the ribbony bit, and where on earth in God's name I would put those nice EVIE letters to start with if I wanted them to end up in the right place on the outside of the bag - I mean, blimey, this requires more maths and geometry and stuff, and I've only just got over coming seriously a-cropper with that quilt maths. Still, if I want to be able to 'run up' a beanbag (as opposed to a beanpole which would be a whole different thing) then I need to have my methods honed.
And once I have consulted Said Oracle, I will do some lovely instructions and stick 'em up here, ok? We can all become seamly bag ladies.

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Claire said...

I am at working thinking - why oh why cant I sew? Mrs Sewell (yes that was her real name) tried her best with me at school but to no avail, I am considering offering your some of my services in return for sewing time - what do you think? The last time I sewed anything seriously I managed (dont ask me how) to sew a pocket onto a waistband and had no idea it was wrong! In my case it is definitely a case of DONT give up the DAY JOB Cxx