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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Tie died

Ok, guess what this was?!

The bemused husband was requested to dig me out some old ties that he doesn't wear, or that he's thrown custard down or something (which reminds me of a quote from Isla when aged three - "When I'm a lady, I'll eat ratatouille. When I'm a baby like Hetty, I'll like ratatouille. With custard." Okay then....sometimes I have whole conversations with the daughters which make absolutely no sense whatsoever. Another more recent one, from Hetty, aged two and a third began - "What do you want to be when you grow up, Hetty?" and Hetty, after a little think, replied "I'm going to eat tiny little sausages. I'm not a dirty lady." Er, right then. Right you are.)
This little project is a sit-in-the-evening one, quite quick, and rather pleasing - it's from Cythia Treen and Karen Phillipi's Last Minute Fabric Gifts, as is the white flower sitting with the bag.
Who'd have thought it, eh? A little bag made from an old tie. My plan to conquer the birthday world with homemade gifts is setting off nicely, if somewhat falteringly. There was a large amount of oh-bugger-I've-sewn-the-damn-thing-to-itself mutterings whilst I sat there. Now, as you can imagine the bag is rather silken. Nice for lipsticks, or maybe even an ipod thingy. Hands up who wants one of those for their birthday because that's gone in the To Give Someone For Their Birthday box, sadly sans ipod thingy, although I'm sure I could dig out a revolting old lipstick from somewhere. Anyone?

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