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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Kind Minds

Well, what a lovely world the crafty blog world is. I won the Fair Isle Knitting book in one of Making Good Use's Monday Giveaways, and I received my package this morning. And not only did she put the book in (which I must say is for my mum - I am nowhere near this level of skill yet - I last night abandoned some unstitching halfway through the job, so that my supposed wristwarmer lies ignominiously straddling two size 4 knitting needles. I know. Doesn't sound comfortable does it. You've never seen such tragic cable deknitifying in all your life. I had a little tantrum and everything) but she also wrote me a lovely note and enclosed some fabrics too. Now, isn't that just the nicest thing?Look at them - all sitting there with their lovely colours. Hetty will be thrilled. She cannot yet articulate all of her consonant sounds but she can say fabric and fat quarter, which I find hilarious. Not so hilarious her grubby little fingers all over them when she's 'sorting them out' as she likes to put it, but since anything I make will end up filthy dirty no matter what, it barely matters really.
So in the spirit of blog friendliness I implore you to go and visit Making Good Use, since what with it being my Year Of Making Birthday Presents, you could very well find one of those fabrics in yours. And I, in the spirit of thankfulness, will send her a little something too, from my stash of stuff and things and whatnots. There may even be small delightful smears of chocolate or an old raisin in there if she's very lucky.

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