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Saturday, February 28, 2009

State of Play

I sewed some traffic tracking code onto my blog the other day so I could check my friends were reading my blog as instructed, and was delighted to find that that it has maps and percentages and pie-charts and all sorts of exciting things.  I am a very sad person - every morning I say, woo-hoo, I got 10 visits last night of which 83.22% were from referring sites and a massive 2.1% from search engines - isn't that amazing?  I barely know what I'm saying of course.  It's been a long time since I was in a job where I used words like those.
The best bit though, is the map, which shows where the hits are coming from.  The daughters were mighty impressed when we discovered that we had had some visitors from America, which they know aeroplanes fly to sometimes because Daddy has definitely been on one and brought back pyjamas.  Isla was very impressed with our visitors from (and here they stabbed at the map with their fingers as we listed them) Oregon and Michigan and Colorado and Washington and Indiana and Illinois and Maryland and Tennessee and South Carolina and New Jersey.  Hetty said very solemnly, I think we'd better go and visit them Mummy hadn't we.  On an aeroplane.  So, if you could all get your guest-rooms ready, we'll just get packed and hop on board, and see you all soon.

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