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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Celebrating Stitchery

Teddy's going the right way for a smacked bottom, Donkey. Sorry, it's not often you'll find me quoting Shrek.

One of by very very very FAR the nicest things about being me, apart from the fact that I can make an excellent and surprisingly loud woodblock sound with my mouth, wiggle my eyebrows separately, and whistle like a strutting sailor at a magnificent 100 decibels, is when the postman knocks on my door and gives me lovely parcels full of the work of OriginalStitchers.

We are very excited to be stocking some of our delicious kids bits and bobs in a new shop opening in Princes Risborough - Gorgeous Giggles; and so we set to and sent orders off to, in strict alphabetical order - Bev, Jennie and Katie, three of our first stitchers.

I love our designs, if I do say so myself, but I have discovered I love them even more when they are made by our stitchers. The fabrics they've all chosen are just so fab, and I hate to say it, more exciting than the fabrics I have here, so the products they made are super cool and gorgeous.  And as more and more of the parcels tumble in, and we unwrap the beautifully stitched makes, the colours all pile up and remind us of one of the central tenets of OriginalStitch - a riot of colour, pattern, shape and stitching!

Click on the slideshow for a very silly look at them - aren't they smashing?  I can't bear to see them go to their loving new owners' hands without capturing them in all their gaudy glory first - so here they are, very much enjoying a photoshoot in this delicious sunshine we're having today.  As you can see, I was ably assisted by Brown Teddy, who apologises for the state of this rapidly unravelling, increasingly thread-bare nose.  As he pointed out to me, it's like the teddy equivalent of bogeys hanging down from his schnozzer.  Teddies are a little on the gross side aren't they? I would never use the word bogeys in a blog post.

Thanks Bev, Jennie and Katie - you've done us very, very proud, and I'm sure Helen from Gorgeous Giggles will be delighted to have these in her shop x

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Amanda Jane said...

I love the smile box presentation! Teddy is really spoilt for choice. The products all look fabulous, as usual. We really do have a talented bunch at OriginalStitch. I think perhaps we should design a circus tent for the garden and then you and Teddy can practise your pyramid trick in splendour. But seriously, circus play tent.I'll add it to my list!!!

Mairi said...

Yum to the colours. And maybe it's time Teddy had a spa day.

Bev said...

It all looks fabulous. I am missing my rooster fabric though...although I am sure it will soon find a new home!!