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Thursday, March 24, 2011

No Risk It No Biscuit Baby

I'm a very high-powered business woman. You can tell can't you?
Well, now that I'm a very serious business woman and all that malarky, I do try to keep up to date with news that's meant to matter to us here at OriginalStitch Towers.  I rely heavily on Twitter for this - it's brilliant - I am following some great businessknowy sorta peeps like StartupDonut and UkStartUp and they keep me nicely tuned in to things I ought to know.

It's not child labour, honest guv'nor.
Apparently, I read, there are some bits and bobs from The Budget that are relevant - like the enterprise investment initiatives that will help boost start-ups.  So - investors seeking tax relief can invest in 'higher-risk' businesses and get a nice handshake from the tax-man, I'm assuming?  And I'm sure that's a jolly serious thing, but I wondered what high risk meant? And as I pondered, I began to giggle a bit.  OK, so high risk start-ups - um, so what then - businesses that are likely to fail? Businesses which stubbornly resist sensible business advice?! Like, say, British manufacturing?! Coz there's a whole great big bunch of us artisans out here, manufacturing stuff, set against the stark realities of stuff made in other places for a tenth of the cost and people saying ooh that's a bit expensive isn't it, £9 for a tea-cosy?!
Take a note please Miss Lloyd-Evans

So I'm like, oh hello there!  Cooeeee! Oi, over 'ere! We're high risk!  We're stay-at-home worky mum-persons, making life jolly hard for ourselves by insisting on running an eco-friendly business, paying our stitchers a fair price, and highest risk of all, slicing our fingers off with rotary cutters or pricking ourselves with pins, all whilst burning ourselves cooking the kids' shoddy pizzas and attempting to wire a plug with a faulty screwdriver .  Lordy, you investors, bring your hard hats, I've got high risk going down right here! No, doorbell doesn't work, hence the screwdriver; just come in the tradesman's entrance round the back, yes?  Here's a tupperware tub - pop your readies in there, loves, ta.

Yes - coz it's no pain no gain and all that, you investors; come join us on our highwire risky craziness, our pride in British made!
An American I knew once used to say, at any juncture possible (like if we were all trying to decide whether to do tequila shots or not) -  "Hey you guys, no risk it no biscuit baby!"

Which I think is most appropriate. Let it be our motto! No risk it no biscuit baby!

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FullertonRegan said...

I LOVE IT!! You're my next Lovin Tuesday post Cath!!!