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Thursday, February 09, 2012

Name that Colourway: Part 3! Pastel Pinks

Look...look....oh, so pretty!

You're sick of this now aren't you?! 
Well, that'll teach you to be so creative and full of wondrous name ideas, you talented, attractive, gorgeous bunch, you.  (Feeling bigged up now?!)

This is the final of our Colourway naming competitions, and is one of four new patchwork fabric colourways we are introducing for our 2012 Collections of eco-friendly gifts and homewares products.

Your favourite of our Reds/Pinks/Oranges was our


to which we've added the excellent suggestions

Popping Candy
Pink Abyss
Tutti Frutti

Thanks to Lisa, Ethel and Gemma for those fab ideas!  Amanda and I will scratch our poor puzzled heads to make a final decision on the two sets of name ideas we already have, ready for the grand unveiling in a week or so of all our new patchwork colourways!

So pop over to our Pastels Colourway Survey and vote for your favourite, or tell us what you think it should be called.  It'll take you about, ooh, I dunno, 8 seconds. 

Thank you, you handsome, pretty devils, you. 

If these patchwork colourways are tickling your fancy, and you'd like products made from them, do pop your name in right at the top there for our email newsletters.

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