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Monday, February 06, 2012

New Patchwork Colourway Name: Part 2!

Done the blues, now on to the pinks and reds and oranges...
Well, you gorgeous lot, you responded in force to help us choose a new name for our blues, greens and purples vintage patchwork colourway - thank you!  Hooorah and have a big kiss from us.

The most thumbs up out of our choices went to Seabreeze, but we had loads of really stonking name suggestions, which we then further struggled into narrowing down to.....

Aqua Flora
Azure Bloom
Blue Abandon
Cerulean Blue
Teal Appeal

Thanks to Karen, Sally, James and Valerie for those!

We didn't choose the name 'Steve' which was one of the suggestions, although I nearly fell off my chair laughing.  I should point out that the person who suggested it is a friend of mine, and it's a man-person; so clearly he had a little moment of fun in his day there, bless him.  Another man-person, James, was amongst our shortlist suggestees, so come on you man-persons, if you think you're 'ard enough, and have a crack at this competition.

Anyway, we will add these lovely names to Seabreeze now, and mull them over...

Patchwork Fabric Colourway: Reds, Pinks and Oranges

But in the meantime....you didn't think that was all did you?!  Oh no, no, no....you have shown yourselves to have such brilliant minds that we're going to get you to do it all again!  Check out this gorgeous feast for the eyes - it's our second brand new colourway - and again this patchwork fabric will be available in all our products.  Pretty patchwork apron anyone?!  Or a patchwork pegbag, ooh, imagine that....

So come on over to the survey, and tell us what you think.  Again, don't forget to include your email address because we'll be adding all the names to the Prize Hat (if you vote twice, we'll add your name in twice, so you get another chance to win!)

We cannot wait to hear your ideas, it's been such a thrill, you gorgeous devils you.

So come on over to the survey now, and vote for your favourite, or make a suggestion!

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